Why our Herbs?

Polish herbs

Polish herbs from selected, cleanest Polish regionstatry o nas

Our products are only the highest quality ingredients. They come only from certain, cleanest Polish regions, from nature and culture meet the highest standards, from certified vendors. Collected according to the rhythm of their growth, at the right time of day and season of the year, depending on the subsequent use. We are confident that the result of our work is to offer our customers the highest quality products.

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Preservation of centuries-old tradition

Why choose Polish herbs?apothecary

In our products you will find the ingredients, the activity and effectiveness, and method of preparation are described in the literature herb and supported by a centuries-old tradition in the art of herb. The effects of herbs and their individual parts is closely related to the traditional recipes of preparation. We use and recommend to cooking only those parts of the plant, which properly cook a guarantee their effective operation. All notes and descriptions can be found on our blog and articles. To our products. attach a schedule of treatment and dosage regimen because only properly prepared and used herbs to function effectively.

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The unique blend of herbal

Perfect solutions for today’s ailmentsmieszanka 4

We offer original herbal blend that we prepare based on the knowledge and tradition herbalist. We encourage you to use them, we try to find solutions for today’s needs and problems arising in the surrounding reality drawing from multigenerational tradition supported by modern scientific research. You will find in our shop specially developed blend “For Developers” , “Necessary for quit smoking” or for the youngest “painful teething”.

Dietary supplements or herbal natural remedies?

Herbal teas to put on your grocery list