Pine buds – aroma home cure

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Pine buds – aroma home cure

Pine, by the fact that it is rich in medicinal compounds is almost entirely used in herbal medicine – often collect needles, young shoots, bark and resin, but the most respected and popular part of the plant are spring buds.



Preferably collect pine buds in late winter and spring, with the beginning of the season buds are small (about half an inch in length), so at the time of collecting the need to show considerable patience. However, in April donuts are more so at the same time, you can collect the larger amount (see picture below – on the left side buds collected in March, on the right buds harvested last Saturday and the appearance of a donut after removing the protective layer of flaky). The most valuable resource is harvested from the peaks buds of young trees, they should be collected from the trees to be felled. Fresh donuts we dry at room temperature in a dry, well-ventilated (they are used for the preparation of infusion), or use to prepare a syrup or tincture.

pączki sosny

pine buds



The richness of the active substance

Pine is a plant with an extremely rich chemical composition, which produces compounds have a beneficial impact on our health:

pine shots

  • Essential oils, which owes its unusual pine scent – pinene, limonene, borneol (a positive effect on immunity, relieve the symptoms of colds)
  • Resin acids
  • Flavonoids (antioxidants)
  • Bitterness (increase the secretion of gastric juices)
  • Tannins (anti-inflammatory effects on the mucous membranes, inhibit minor bleeding)
  • Vitamin C,
  • Mineral salts
  • Sugars





Due to the set of these valuable substances are pine variety of therapeutic applications:

pączki suszenie


  • Diseases of the upper respiratory tract (colds, bronchitis, cough) due to an expectorant, antiseptic and antispasmodic,
  • During the flu because it works antipyretic and diaphoretic
  • In immunocompromised due to its strengthening
  • The neurological and rheumatic pains due to the warming effect
  • During the weight loss due to the cleansing and diuretic
  • The biliary diseases due to the action Bile and diastolic effect.




Pine buds can be used in different ways:

  1. An infusion or decoction of dried doughnut – its advantage is that it can be used all year round due to the availability of dried raw material. Half tablespoons of dried, shredded buds pour boiling water, brew 10 minutes, covered. Prepare a decoction pouring the same amount of donuts with hot water, then simmer covered for 2 minutes and leave to cool. The infusion and decoction are recommended during a cold or flu and for people using pine buds regularly to cleanse the body and strengthen immunity.
  2. Syrup – for its preparation will be needed fresh donuts. Dense, sweet drug works expectorant and bactericidal, clears the airways for easier breathing. Vitamin C will also help the immune system. To make a syrup, fresh charge, shredded sugar donuts, preferably in layers. After 2-3 weeks drain syrup, keep it in a dark bottle.

    prepare syrup – donuts covered with sugar

  3. Syrup with honey – 50 fresh donuts pour one liter of water, then cook for 20 minutes over low heat, add half a liter of honey and gently heat up not allowing to boil for 10 minutes, leave to cool, decanted. Store in bottles or jars of dark glass. Syrup use during infection or regularly to prevent disease and strengthen immunity.
  4. Tincture – 1 cup fresh or dried buds pour 500 ml of alcohol, leave for 7 days maceration, after this time drain off. The tincture is used during infection of the upper respiratory tract (teaspoon several times a day).