How to prepare herbs for drinking

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How to prepare herbs for drinking

A herbal tea can be the perfect, natural substitute for taking pills. Effect of therapeutic compounds contained in herbs depends on how will be prepared for consumption. Extracts are typically used – type of solution of the substance derived from a plant in the water. The amount of these substances depends on many factors – primarily the type of raw material (flower, leaf, root), the degree of fragmentation and the preparation of the statement.

In the pharmaceutical industry for the preparation of extracts used specific devices and many chemicals. Obtained in this way drugs are characterized by a precise content of the substance, it must be remembered that by taking such measures are delivered into the body many other substances necessary for its production often unnecessary or even harmful.

For the preparation of herbal home remedies you can use single herbs or ready-mix available in our online store. Most often at home preparing aqueous extracts, which are simple to prepare and can be eaten within a couple of hours of preparation. These include infusions, decoctions, macerates. You can also prepare a herbal tincture, squeeze the juice from fresh plants, in skin diseases wraps used.


  1. Infusion – the most widely used, herbs are filled with boiling water and kept covered for 10-15 minutes, preferably slightly heating (heater may be used or a water bath). The infusion can drink immediately or after cooling within 12 hours of preparation.
  2. Decoction – the raw material is flooded with the cooled boiled water at room temperature and covered vessel is discharged to a boil, then cooked in 2-4 minutes. After 10 minutes you have to strain the decoction, drunk within 12 hours.
  3. Macerate – herbs is flooded with cold boiled water and left for about 10 hours. Then herbs should drain, squeeze and drink within 12 hours.
  4. Tincture – it is the most stable form of herbal medicine extract prepared with alcohol the most spirit. The method and time of preparation of tinctures depends on the herbs. Interesting recipes for homemade drugs of this type, we will publish on our website and blog.
  5. Juices – very valuable and easy to boil off at home (nettle juice), to their preparation used in whole plants or parts.
  6. Compress – herbs are filled with a small amount of boiling water, stirring, then put the gauze or prepared sachets (available online) and applies to the affected area.

To herbs work best prepare different kinds of them in a certain way, so remember that buying a single herb or set menus at our online store you will always receive a set of recommended way of preparation, provision and schedule.