Rhodiola rosea – Arctic root

Rhodiola rosea – Arctic root

Rhodiola rosea is a plant that occurs in Europe, Asia and North America on the mountain and around the pole. In Poland, it occurs naturally only in national parks in the Carpathians and the Sudeten, therefore plants are not produced from a natural state but only from the culture.

Rhodiola is a perennial plant that occurs in the mountains around the screes, streams and among the rocks. It grows up to 40 cm in height, in June and July, occur characteristic yellow flowers, leaves Rhodiola have the amount of algae color in early autumn change color to yellow and red.

Herbal raw material is a rhizome, which is shallow underground. Rhodiola Rhizome is a raw material used for centuries by the peoples of the north, was already used by the Vikings, who drew up Rhodiola drugs that increase physical stamina and mental, disease resistance, and enhance fertility, it was also used in Scandinavia and northern Russia and China. In the twentieth century they were carried out numerous studies on the health properties of Rhodiola rosea. In the United States they were conducted clinical studies with the use of Rhodiola rosea in the treatment of depression and its impact on physical and mental health.

Rhodiola is recommended for people exposed to chronic stress in states of mental and physical exhaustion, in the natural treatment of depression (which is almost as effective as the traditional antidepressants and causes no side effects), Rhodiola increases resistance to stress, relieves anxiety and accelerates the process of returning psychological balance. Arctic root is recommended for those many learners because it increases concentration and helps in the process of learning and memory and matching, increases the motivation to learn and improve well-being. Regular use of Rhodiola can also prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Arctic root is also recommended for people practicing sports and professional athletes, actually increases the physical performance:

  • speeds up the resolution of soreness,
  • improve muscle regeneration,
  • accelerates the reduction of exudates, edema in muscle and joint,
  • strength increases,
  • decreases inflammation and muscle damage.

For this reason it is often called a natural doping in sport.

Rhodiola Rhizome can be taken as teas, tinctures, or in powder form. For the preparation of tea you need a teaspoon of dried rhizomes, which should pour 150 ml of boiling water, infuse for 20 minutes, covered. Tincture is prepared by flooding rhizomes 40% warm alcohol. Tincture takes 2-3 times a day for a teaspoon. Arctic root has stimulant so preparations should not be taken at bedtime.

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Rhodiola rosea Rhodiola rosea L.
raw material rhizome with root
other names Arctic Root, Golden Root, King’s Crown, Rose Root
purpose Stress, nervousness, mental exhaustion, intensive training, reduced immunity, depression, a lot of learning,