Psyllium seeds

Psyllium is an annual plant, beneficial effects on health are mostly its seeds. Psyllium seeds are characterized by very high mainly because almost 70% of the content of fiber (roughage), shelled seeds are also a lot of mucus. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, but mostly it is used in the case of periodic constipation or resulting from anatomical reasons. Because psyllium seeds regulate the rhythm of bowel movements is recommended their use in irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, and also relieves symptoms associated with hemorrhoids and peptic ulcer. Significantly improves the metabolism, so it is recommended supporters healthy and rational weight loss.

Cardiovascular effects:

  • Psyllium seeds reduce LDL cholesterol level signal-called bad cholesterol,
  • increasing levels of “good” cholesterol,
  • regulate blood pressure
  • lower blood sugar levels.

Cuisine prepared by spreading a few tablespoons of warm water, after a few minutes swollen and covered with mucus seeds are ready to drink.

In the early days of treatment Psyllium can cause bloating and satiety, these symptoms are passing the same after a few days of use, but it is advisable to drink more water. Grandmother psyllium can be used during pregnancy and breast-feeding. In folk medicine, psyllium seeds were used to treat coughs, as an expectorant in inflammation of the blade as well as rheumatism and arthritis.

Our products:

Psyllium Plantago psyllium L.
raw material seeds
other names Plantago
purpose   diarrhea, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome