Pine buds

Pine buds and young spring shoots are usually collected from March to May. Pine buds and young shoots are usually harvested from March to May. Pine buds are rich in vitamin C, tannins (have the effect of anti-inflammatory, anti-bleeding and disinfectants), bitterness (support gastric acid secretion and increase appetite) resin acids, phenolic compounds (antioxidants), mineral salts, sugars and many oder biologically active ingredients, but compound that distinguishes them among other medicinal plants is an essential oil, which contains in its composition, among others pinene. Pine buds owe him an intense, distinctive flavor and aroma. In herbal medicine pine buds are mainly used in:

  • Catarrh and inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, acting expectorant, so it can quickly and effectively get rid of persistent cough.
  • They are used in the states of colds in the form of tea or syrup, tincture is also popular with pine buds.
  • Also act antipyretic and diaphoretic, they also have warming properties, so they are recommended in rheumatic fever and other symptoms of pain.

Shall be made of them also inhalations that successfully cleanse the respiratory tract during a cold or flu. The richness of medicinal substances contained in the pine buds also have an action: – cleansing, antibacterial, antidiarrheal, antispasmodic, cholagogue, disinfectant and diuretic. Few plants have such extensive use.

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Pine    Pinus sylvestris L.   
raw material buds
other names Scots pine, Scotch Fir
purpose cough, frostbite, cold