Hop cone

Hop cones, exactly that is the male inflorescences, found mainly used in the production of beer, in the descriptions of herbal hops flowers mainly attributed to the sedative and sleeping. Substance through which the hops possess such characteristics is lupulin, whose main ingredients are volatile oils and tannins from alcohols, resinous compounds or flavonoids herb is also a compound that effectively inhibits the libido in humans. Hops also often use in menopausal women, alleviating the symptoms of menopause, disruptive, such as hesitation mood, insomnia, hot flashes, and very effectively soothe the nerves. Extracts of hops gently stimulate the salivary glands, secretion of gastric juice and mucus. Thanks to facilitate food digestion and absorption of nutrients. Hops also exhibits bactericidal effect even against bacteria resistant to antibiotics. Studies also show anti-tumor effect. Uses:

  • Sedative – in fatigue and nervous exhaustion, difficulty in falling asleep on the background of nervous, too much nervous excitability.
  • The digestive disorders – excessive enteric fermentation, too little stomach acid, bloating and overeating.
  • Auxiliary in the treatment of tuberculosis.
  • Auxiliary of gastric cancer, gallbladder, liver, and lung (with concomitant use of other methods of treatment).

Our products:

Hop    Humulus lupulus   
raw material cone – infructescence hops
other names flower cones
purpose insomnia, premenstrual tension, anxiety, stress, calm