Cornflower – bluebottle

Cornflower is a very popular plant in Poland, often regarded as a weed, distinctive flowers in blue are very valuable medicinal raw material. The raw material are single flowers (without cage). Infusion of flowers drunk as a tea acts as a diuretic and anti-inflammatory:

  • increases the quantity of urine (sometimes several times) and is used in kidney disease associated with reduced secretion of urine,
  • reduces swelling caused by water and salt retention in the body (this effect is attributed to the raw material contained in anthocyanin glycosides and was confirmed the clinical and pharmacological ).
  • It’s used adjunct in inflammatory glomerular and renal pelvis, and also in nephrolithiasis.

It also increases the amount of bile secretion, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial work. The infusion is also often used externally as a rinse for thrush and dandruff as well as compresses on the eyes, inflammation of the eye, blepharitis, conjunctivitis and eye sensitivity to sunlight and radiation from the TV screen or monitor. In addition to anthocyanins Cornflower also contains flavonoids, organic acids, mucus, tannins, minerals including large amounts of manganese and potassium.

Our products:

Cornflower – bluebottle Centaurea cyanus L.
raw material marginal flowers
other names Bachelor’s Button, Blue Bottle
purpose kidneys, liver, conjunctivitis