Birch juice

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Birch juice


What is the health benefits of birch sap is and exactly why it is so popular? The juice collected from the trunk of a birch is the most valuable because it contains many vitamins and minerals, but as the season for collecting the juice is quite short (collect it in early spring before the leaves appear), you should also drink the juice of the leaves and buds. Undoubtedly, it needs more work (but certainly less patience). The juice from the trunk of producing it by doing a small incision, then collected the juice dripping into the dish, or you can collect sap from cut branches into the bottle. Birch juice has a slightly sweet taste, early spring is transparent, then takes on a slightly yellow color. In the photo below which gathered yesterday juice, you will see that it changes color already, which means that soon you can no longer collect it.


sok z brzozy birch juice

birch juice

brzoza birch

collecting the juice from the trunk of a birch














Juice is not harvested , when the first leaves appear, then headed tree sap upward to the growing leaves. Below the properties and use the juice from the trunk of birch leaves and buds:

The juice from the trunk – for smokers and  strengthen immunity.

In the traditional medicine of the trunk of a birch sap is considered drink antitumor, prevents especially for lung, is therefore not recommended for smokers. Also strengthens the immune system and prevent infection. Also alleviates the symptoms of stomach ulcers, it should also drink people suffering from anemia, because the glass of fresh juice covers the daily requirement for iron. In addition, it also contains:

  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorus
  • Copper
  • Amino Acids
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B

pączki brzozy

Juice of donuts – the flu and colds.

Squeezed juice of birch buds helps reduce fever, relieve bone pain, and pain in joints and throat. The high content of vitamins and minerals also help recuperation.










liść brzozy birch leaves

The juice from the leaves of birch – for rheumatism and kidney.

Fresh juice from the leaves relieves rheumatism, diuretic, purifies the body, so also is recommended for those dieters. It also prevents the formation of kidney stones.










Birch juice (both from the stem and leaves) should drink regularly as it has a very beneficial effect on health and beauty, strengthens the body and regulates metabolism, cleanses the liver. Improves the appearance of skin, cure acne. The only drawback birch juice is that you can acquire it for a short time, pasteurized or fusing unfortunately lost some of their properties, to its acquisition also need time and patience. When you do not have access to the juice can, at least partially replace it with tea from dried leaves.