About us

Herbs and herbal medicine are the areas of knowledge extremely useful in the everyday life of every human being. Our company thanks to the knowledge, competence and experience handed down for generations, as well as through continuous exploration and discovery, offers you the highest quality products resulting from our daily work. With passion and the utmost care to share with you the knowledge by which each of our customers can in a natural way to care for the health and well-being of themselves and their loved ones, keeping in mind that what is unchanging and traditional, in herbal medicine is the certainty and security.

The cleanest Polish areas

On our website you will find advice and often surprising use of the most well-known and widely used herbs and medicinal plants. There you will find the information about the plants less known, or whose applications have disappeared, and which prove to salvation in many ailments and common needs of our body.

We offer you advice, tips and articles on the use of medicinal plants, we describe the principles and specific examples, often their own experiences, we show how effective and aids are herbs in usual and unusual ailments of the body. We offer you:

  • single herbs
  • ready-mix - herbal blend
  • accessories for the drink.

Each of our customers find the right product, we have in our offer products for pregnant and breastfeeding women, the elderly and younger, immunocompromised or having stomach problems. Our products are also a fantastic idea for a gift, let's show our loved ones that their health is our top priority.

We encourage the use of our blends and herbs, health is priceless, very important is the ability to take care of your health.

Places in which plants grow used in products that we offer are areas remote from industrial plants, busy roads and big cities, in the regions of the country, where no evidence of any impurities. Herbal raw material is obtained from reliable manufacturers with a stable position on the domestic and foreign markets. Next to the raw materials harvested from the natural state also use crop yields obtained from organic farms, especially those species that are endangered.

Herbs are collected in optimum periods for each species, with replacement special attention to the parts of plants that are harvested. Our suppliers control the quality of raw materials from the growth, to obtain the finished product and meet all the stringent quality requirements.