Why choose Polish herbs?

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Why choose Polish herbs?

Our products are made from the highest quality herbs, whose active substances help with everyday and unusual symptoms. The individual components of our blends and products derived from the cleanest Polish regions such as the Podlasie, Masuria, Polesie Lubelskie, Bieszczady or Podhale and are harvested when they contain many active substances. These regions are known for their beautiful and naturally preserved nature.

Podlasie is one of the least populated and industrialized regions in Poland, so that is extremely pure and natural land. Characterized by a wealth of nature preserved in the form of large forests, rivers and lakes network. Within the region of Podlasie, there are four national parks (Bialowieza NP, Biebrza NP, Wigry NP and Narew NP).

podlasie 2Podlasie

Masuria is a land that stands a varied landscape, it is characterized by rich nature, which has not yet managed to disrupt human interference. Picturesque lakes, rivers and streams and vast meadows that spring and summer overlay cascades of flowering plants, are located in a wild and inaccessible forests. Guarantee unforgettable numerous moraine hills, which are covered with thickets often cloaked in numerous gullies and ravines. In order to preserve the unique landscapes of natural flora and fauna created Mazury Natural Park, which is one of the largest national parks in Poland.

mazury 2Masuria

Bieszczady are the least populated and the least developed Polish mountains. Is famous for its scenic landscapes and the occurrence of rare species of plants and animals. On three floors including flora find fir, alder and beech trees, including the dwarf, and various grasses. Among the fauna meet really rare, lived here for 70% of Polish bears. Apart from them, in this area live wolves, wildcats, wisent, lynx. There are also special birds, including owls and golden eagles. Bieszczady also includes a part of the International Eastern Carpathians Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO created.

bieszczady 2Bieszczady

Polesie Lubelskie and Roztocze with some of the most extensive in the country swamps and bogs, a natural south-western border of the occurrence of the forest-tundra. With a wealth of water bodies is also a refuge for many bird species, and the largest population of the European pond turtle. Roztocze is famous for its forests and wetlands. Among wetlands, Lappish willows grow, birch low sedge peat, rickety willow Blueberry, creating thumbnail European tundra. About a quarter of the region is under protection within the framework of two National Parks (Poleski, Roztoczański), several parks, several areas of protected landscape and dozens of nature reserves.

polesie lubelskie 2Polesie lubelskie

Podhale due to its location is one of the colder areas of Poland. Characteristic mountain climate, however, allows for the development of rare species of flora and the occurrence of wild animals. Many places still there untouched by man. The landscape is dominated by the picturesque mountainous meadows often used for traditional grazing sheep, cut crystal-clear streams and rivers form an unforgettable landscape. On the Podhale meadows, there are many not found anywhere else medicinal plants such as angelica (holy ghost) also called Arcydzięgiel Litwor. On the territory of Podhale created as many as four National Parks: Gorce, Pieniny, Tatra and Babiogóski, dozens of parks and nature reserves.

podhale 2Podhale

Places in which plants grow used in products that we offer are areas remote from industrial plants, busy roads and big cities, in the regions of the country, where no evidence of any impurities. Herbal raw material is obtained from reliable manufacturers with a stable position on the domestic and foreign markets. Next to the raw materials harvested from the natural state also use crop yields obtained from organic farms, especially those species that are endangered.

Herbs are collected in optimum periods for each species, with replacement special attention to the parts of plants that are harvested. Our suppliers control the quality of raw materials from the growth, to obtain the finished product and meet all the stringent quality requirements.