Herbal Early Spring – Nettle and Spring crisis

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Do you feel the Spring? The day is long, the birds are singing, the air has a wonderful aroma and pleasant heat of the sun’s rays

Spring is the most beautiful time of year when nature around us comes to life. After the winter gray, when the sun begins to emerge more often from behind the clouds and appears first spring green plants, we should feel better. Often, however, spring surprises us with a variety of ailments – drowsiness, weakness, fatigue and annoyance. It is a “Spring solstice” or “Spring crisis


Unfortunately, the symptoms of the crisis of the spring, often testifies to our negligence – in winter we spend more time at home, diet is lower in vitamins, too often reach for unhealthy snacks and drinks. When spring comes, our body is just tired. We are looking for quick solutions and then find the most numerous tips: “Sleep 8 hours a day”, “eat your vegetables”, “drink more water”, “go on a diet,” etc. It’s all true, but our body needs cleansing and strengthening.





Prevention is the easiest solution and it is best to prevent naturally. There are many herbs that support the body in the spring, but the most well-known and appreciated is the nettle. If you think about a plant that deserves the term “weed” certainly comes to mind Nettle. Nothing could be further from the truth, because naming nettle is “an expert on everything.” Its chemical composition is so rich and so many applications that it would be difficult to mention them all here.

The main compounds

Nettle leaves contain:

  • organic acids,
  • vitamins (C, K, B2),
  • flavonoids, tannins, carotenoids
  • a lot of chlorophyll
  • mineral salts and a large quantity of iron (up to 6%) which has a high bioavailability (can be readily assimilated by the body).



The healing properties of nettles were already known in ancient times, the most valued it as a tonic and hemorrhages. Currently, nettle has a wider application:

  • is a diuretic so facilitates the excretion of waste products and detoxifying
  • increases the secretion of gastric acid – helps digestion and absorption of food
  • works against diarrhea
  • slightly lowers blood sugar
  • has a positive effect on the level of hemoglobin in the blood, is recommended for anemia (due to the presence of iron.
  • a wide range of vitamins and minerals helps in the prevention of many diseases

Very often, as spring treatment, it is recommended nettle leaf juice. To this treatment gave corresponding results, plants should be young and freshly harvested from the “clean” posts (meadows, woods, away from the cities, roads, etc.). With leaves squeezed juice and drink in small doses over several days. Independent preparation of this juice is often problematic, because the juice of nettle can be replaced – infusion of the dried leaves – 1 spoon of dried leaves pour a glass of boiling water, drink 2 times a day, between meals).

pokrzywa nettle

dried nettle leaves


There are many cleansing herbs, nettle, however, is safe and effective. Instead of using a full sacrifice of starvation or consume enormous amounts of roughage , cleanse the body old and simple way – nettle.