Willow bark

Although aspirin as a white tablets available only on age, history of drug substance itself will be longer. The anti-inflammatory properties of the juice derived from the bark of the willow discovered by the ancient Egyptians. Recommending him Dioscorides and Galen, the father of medicine, Hippocrates, the elaborate about its analgesic properties. In the Middle Ages used willow bark decoction of pain and fever. Originally to draw herbal potions used both bark and leaves, fruit, and juice of willow. Today recognized medicinal raw material is only bark. Willow bark is used mainly in:

  • inflammatory,
  • running fever,
  • pain
  • anti-bacterial,

This plant is called aspirin: contains salicin, salicortin – aspirin or vegetable counterparts. The active substances contained in the willow bark, especially today slicyna having very similar to quinine, are also effective in the treatment of rheumatic diseases and pain. An infusion of the bark of the willow effectively acts as a nervous tension, nerve pain and insomnia.

Our products:

Willow Salix purpurea L. , Salix alba L., Salix dafnoides Hill., Salix fragilis L.
raw material bark
other names white willow,purple willow, european violet-willow, brittle willow
purpose headaches, migraine,Strengthen the blood vessels varicose veins