Mistletoe herb

Mistletoe is a spherical green shrub that grows on trees. Traditionally associated with the hanging of the ceiling decoration of Christmas. Since ancient times, the plant was considered exceptional, turned over her divine worship and sacrifices. In Europe, for a very long time it was thought to be the most effective drug against epilepsy – especially mistletoe growing on the oaks. For medicinal purposes, the herb mistletoe (fruits are harmful and can be used only externally), best tear of oak, poplar and birch, as these trees reach the strongest therapeutic effect. Mistletoe lowers blood pressure and mildly diuretic. The active compounds contained in mistletoe absolve the rapid beating of the heart caused by excessive stimulation of the nervous system. During removes unpleasant symptoms of menopause symptoms such as heart palpitations. Mistletoe herb is recommended for excessive bleeding monthly, insignificant and often repeated bleeding from the nose. In addition, the mistletoe is a diuretic and has a calming effect.

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 Mistletoe Viscum album
raw material herb
other names European mistletoe folia visci, Visci, Visci albi folia, Visci albi fructus, Visci albi herba, Visci albi stipites, viscum, Viscum abietis
purpose hypertension, swelling, heart, bleeding from the nose, sedation