Hawthorn – inflorescences and fruits

Hawthorn was known and respected as a medicinal plant for a long time – name – Crataegus comes from the Greek, where “kratos means” power, while “agein” to deliver. Especially recommended for people at risk of heart disease and with too high pressure. For therapeutic uses the inflorescences and fruits. The most valuable is their high amount of flavonoids and procyanidins, which relax the smooth muscles of blood vessels, intestines and urinary tract. This is particularly important in the case of the coronary arteries of the heart, because it increases the flow in the vessels which results in better blood circulation and oxygenation of the heart muscle that prevents and relieves coronary artery disease. Decreases the sensation of breathlessness and pain, increases the strength of heart muscle contractions which increases the efficiency of the heart. Herb literature also describes a calming effect, lowering blood pressure, hawthorn also relaxes muscles and is a diuretic, anti-inflammatory, strengthens the walls of the arteries. Infusions and tinctures of hawthorn flowers are used as a means of strengthening the heart, angina, hypertension. In addition to the beneficial effects on the heart associated jst also a positive effect on the blood vessels of the brain, thanks to this it is fed to a greater quantity of oxygen. Hawthorn fruit, like inflorescences contain flavonoids and procyanidins, but other ratios, further comprising vitamin A and C. A highly preferred feature of both floral and hawthorn fruit is slow and gentle and sustained for a longer time.

Our products:

 Hawthorn Crataegus oxyacantha L.
raw material inflorescence,  fruit
other names European Hawthorn, thornapple, May-tree,whitethorn, hawberry
purpose hypertension, heart, strengthen the blood vessels varicose veins