Greater celandine

Celandine herb, also known as Greater celandine or Chelidonium, is a plant known and appreciated for its healing properties since ancient times. Is common in temperate climates. Celandine supplementary material is glycogen typical animal tissues, thus is a plant frost, and its green color is maintained throughout the year. Celandine contain alkaloids, including sanguinarine, which inhibit cell division,has antitumor activity, carotene, vitamin C, locks, resin compounds, flavonoids. Celandine herb works:

  • cholagogic,
  • against swelling,
  • against pain and anti-inflammatory,
  • antivirally.

Is strongly relaxant and it is used in digestive disorders and urinary tract. Juice of celandine is used in the treatment of warts and lichens. It is also used as a means of soothing nerves, antiallergic and fungicide,mainly because of the inhibitory properties of mitotic cell division.

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Greater celandine Chelidonium majus L.
raw material herb
other names tetterwort, nipplewort, swallowwort
purpose premenstrual tension, parasites, liver