Common Oak bark

Oak is a long-lived tree occurring in temperate climates, can reach huge sizes and for centuries is considered a plant of great strength and power. In herbal medicine used oak bark, whose main medicinal ingredients are tannins, also contains flavonoids, phenolic acids and mineral salts. Oak bark can be used internally and externally. Thanks to a very high content of astringent tannins, because it is used internally mainly for food poisoning, diarrhea, gastroenteritis. Externally a decoction of oak bark works very effectively anti-inflammatory, soothing:

  • accelerating the healing of wounds,
  • in the case of stomatitis,
  • eczema,
  • frostbite,
  • burns.

Oak bark is also used for the preparation of sitz baths and beauty treatments, among others, to rinse dark hair, which thanks to this treatment are smooth and shiny with a deeper shade of oak bark decoction is also darken gray hair.

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Common Oak Quercus rubor L.
raw material bark
other names Quercus, Chestnut Oak, Rock Chestnut Oak, Rock Oak
purpose diarrhea