Birch-tree leaf

The beneficial effects of birch knew the Romans, was and to this day is important in herbal medicine. Are not only used the list (prepared infusion), but also fresh juice, bark. Birch leaves stimulate diuresis and with it the increased amount of sodium ions, chlorine, uric acid and thus infusion of the leaves is used for cleansing the body, and during the weight loss, from chronic weakness organism, chronic urinary tract infection, edema. Also have urinary tract antiseptic and detoxifying. Taking over an extended period of time may result in crushing and leaching of urate deposits of sand urinary tract. An infusion of the leaves of the birch is also great as a tonic for the face brightening. Compresses on the eyes with infusion of birch leaves have anti-inflammatory effects. Often used as a cold infusion of the leaves as a rinse for hair:

  • it has antiseptic,
  • regulates sebaceous glands reducing oily hair,
  • reduces the formation of dandruff,
  • reduces hair loss,
  • reduces inflammation of the head skin.

Our products:

     Birch Betula verrucosa Ehrh.
raw material leaf
other names silver birch warty birch, European white birch
purpose slimming, purification of the body