Alder buckthorn

Polish name comes from the brittle, prone to breaking branches. It is a shrub reaching up to 4 meters in height, the bark is light gray-brown, in the middle of the orange-red. As a therapeutic agent buckthorn bark began to be used only in the 16th century, was commonly used as a laxative. Currently, buckthorn bark is also used as a therapeutic agent. Is harvested in early spring with young trunks and branches, dried and then heated to 100 ̊C. Substances contained in the cortex (antracompounds) stimulate intestinal and thin the feces. Buckthorn bark is used in:

  •  chronic constipation so different origins (loss of peristaltic movements, intestinal cramps, inflammation or ulceration of the colon, immobilization, obesity). Laxative effects appear after 6-10 hours.
  • In addition, buckthorn increases the amount of bile secretion,
  • has antibacterial properties
  • destroys intestinal parasites.

Our products:

Alder buckthorn   Rhamnus frangula L.
raw material bark
other names glossy buckthorn
purpose constipation