Dietary supplements or herbal natural remedies?

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Dietary supplements or herbal natural remedies?

There are more and more products belonging to category “food (dietary) supplements” on the European market. Together with coming into existence this new category of foodstuffs in European legislation the new problems and controversies appeared. Food supplements means:

“Foodstuffs the purpose of which is to supplement the normal diet and which are concentrated sources of minerals or vitamins or other substances with a nutritional or physiological effect.”

The most controversial are “other substances”, since it is still undefined, which substances actually can enter into the composition of dietary supplements.

Manufacturers can put in their products any substance, also harmful to humans. The question have appeared: may the food supplements be regarded as an alternative to herbal medicinal products?

Concerning the fact that dietary supplements are food products (no medical) and they cannot exert any pharmacological activity but only: „nutritional or physiological effects”, it can be concluded, that they can not be regarded as an alternative to herbal medicinal products.

They should be treated as a source of beneficial substances of natural origin that supplement the normal diet. It is important to be taken into account, that alike medicinal products, dietary supplements may cause undesirable effects and interactions with medications and other foodstuffs.

In the case of shortage of certain substances in the body, or the occurrence of certain ailments should be used herbs. Medicinal Plants, unlike supplements act on the human body completely, gently and for a long time. Herbs not only help fight a specific disease but also to restore the disturbed balance of the body.

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